SBI Refund Not Received

Submitted by Kusum Sen on Tue, 13/02/2018 - 16:59

I had ordered for a wall clock on January, 2, 2018 from the online website, Amazon. in (order number: 408-0561578-1284353). I was delivered a faulty piece. Upon requesting a replacement, I received yet another faulty piece. Hence I returned that and asked for a refund. Amazon says it has refunded on 24th January 2018.

No refund is shown on my bank statement. When I had approached Amazon, it sent me a refund reference number with which it asked me to approach the customer care of State Bank of India , the bank through which the transaction was made.

However, the customer care of SBI demanded a UTR number to know the refund status and directed me to address the issue to Amazon. When I approached Amazon, it again insisted that the Customer care of Bank should help me, as Amazon has already provided the refund reference number and asked me to file refund dispute.

However, when I had contacted the customer care of SBI, I was told to get UTR from Amazon. Amazon refused to budge and I am in no way nearer to a resolution yet. No proper solution is given by Amazon, despite me suggesting that it may withdraw its refunding done if any and send me a cheque or an online transfer again.

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